Harrow Martial Arts are able to offer self defence courses, that are specifically designed for Corporate businesses and companies, that value their employee’s and care about their employee’s welfare. 'Choices 4 Life' courses are specifically designed to account for `non-martial artists`, people that either haven’t the time or inclination to visit and train at a standard martial arts school. Harrow Martial Arts can also offer Fitness courses and even Martial Arts Courses for your company as well!

Can you imagine starting your working day with an invigorating martial arts work out!
Or an afternoon learning how to defend yourself? Not only are our courses extremely useful, but they are great team builders as well! We offer a range of courses and can tailor them to your specific needs and times. As course durations can vary, longer or regular courses cover more specific senerios, more detailed subject matter, are a little more indepth and cover more of the physical elements. But all courses offer supurb Self Protection advice and training for everyone.

Who Can Benefit From A 'Choices 4 Life' course?
Any one aged 16 and over. Female or male, from Corporate Directors to secretaries, those in all industries, anyone that travels on foot, in a car, on a bus etc. Anyone and everyone will benefit from a 'Choices 4 Life' course! Courses can also be tailored specifically, for example, women only courses, courses for medical staff, fitness and self defence etc. Not sure if they are for you? Just see this video!

What Do The Courses Cover?

  • Target Hardening
  • Risk Assesment
  • The Effects Of Adrenaline
  • Counter Acting Fear
  • Maintaining Personal Space
  • Being Caught Unaware
  • Enviromental Awareness
  • Risk Triangle
  • Safety Tips
  • Techniques For Defence
  • Pre-emptive Strikes
  • Release From Grabs
  • Release From Chokes
  • Escapes From The Ground
  • Areas Of Attack
  • Vital Points
  • The Law And Self Defence
  • Or a Fitness based course
  • Or a Martial Arts course
  • Or even a combination of all three

Corporate Courses are run by Stuart Anslow, a succesful UK based martial arts instructor with over 15 years experience.

Through his experience of teaching martial arts, he developed a special self defence course for non-martial artists, that covers areas not normally associated with standard martial arts training. Many of these non-standard areas are covered within the 'Choices 4 Life' courses on offer.

The instructor realised the above fact, but also realised that self protection is a basic requirement of todays society in which we live. Everyone should be equipped with the basic tools that allow them to move freely about their daily lives.

Notice above we used the term 'Self Protection' rather than 'Self Defence'? This is because 'Choices 4 Life' courses are much more than just standard self defence as thought of by most people, the courses are not just a set of techniques to aid you when you are attacked and cover a much wider range of useful information!

'Choices 4 Life' courses are aimed at minimising conflict in the first place, but, if the worst should happen, neccesary tools & information is given and trained to hopefully aid in a safe escape from such a senerio!

We come to you!
The courses are organised with both lecture-based and practical components, designed to cover both the theory & practical applications
behind self protection, thus reducing the probability that you will become a victim of a violent crime & of course give useful training on a practical
level for dealing with such issues. Course participants should be of good health; with those with any medical concerns consulting a doctor before hand, although the courses are not physically intensive so should not create a problem for most people. With that said, should there be any parts of the course which participants do not feel comfortable with, they make simply step back and watch that section.

As we come to you, we will require a room that is about 12 x 8 m that can hold approximately 30 people. Event organizers are to ensure that the room is clear of all tables and chairs. Only one table shall be made available for the instructor to place course workbooks and the documentation described above.

We supply the Instructors, the knowledge, the equipment and future support, you supply the staff! Plus all course attendees also gain full online support.

Anything you do can get you hurt, including doing nothing!
'Choices 4 Life' are world recognised by the Worldwide Self Defense Directory