Fitness that packs a punch! Unlike many modern day martial arts classes, fitness training is still very much part of our classes. Utilizing the invaluable fitness elements within the martial arts, we are able to offer fitness classes, with more benefits than most. Our classes are based on real martial arts training, so you will not only increase your fitness levels, tone your body and lose weight, but you will also learn how to increase your power as well, thus giving added confidence and overall well being. Our classes and private tuition are ideal for all levels, as you work at your own pace, with instructors that know not just how to develop fitness, but to develop fitness to a level where you are indeed, fit to fight. As we very much believe in he saying "fit to fight" Harrow martial Arts offers fitness classes every week as part of their regular classes . Enabling everyone to get fit, get trim, tone up, lose weight, develop confidence and of course, stay that way.

Combat Fitness is available now, only as part of the main classes and involve stretching for health and blood flow, cardio exercises, pad work, bag work, circuits and of course martial arts movements. Classes are designed to help you push yourself, but of course you set your own pace and step up the gears when you feel ready, making our classes idea for beginners and fitness freaks alike, with the added bonus of learning martial arts.


There is an old saying:

Those that don't have time for fitness, soon have time for illness!

Our classes are fun and enjoyable and ideal for all ages, so mum can bring the kids to join in (see times and location page) and hubby too. Classes never become boring, as the instructors always keep surprises in store to help you push yourself and get where you want to go, so classes are always interesting.

Please feel free to drop by and try out a class (free).

What will you gain from Harrow Martial Arts Fitness classes?
Increased Cardio-vascular capacity
Toned up body
Increased flexibity
Better blood flow, leading to an over all healthier body
Utilization of martial arts techniques
Over all sense of well being

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