Traditional martial arts are idea for children of all ages. Training is specifically designed for the young mind, increasing motor skills, concentration levels, coordination, discipline, self-esteem and confidence, plus of course martial art skills. Our classes are both fun and educational and develop these skills way beyond the average levels, it is a proven fact: kids that practice martial arts grade better at school! Harrow Martial Arts doesn’t run kids clubs or day care centers as we don’t see our younger students as kids playing martial arts, but rather as young martial artists.

Children do not make up 100% of the martial arts, but they do make up 100% of the future

We welcome children to the exciting world of martial arts. Learning a martial art at  Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy offers many benefits above & beyond what you would expect or find at a Taekwon-do school or in fact most martial arts clubs. Taekwon-do is a dynamic & visually pleasing martial art. It is based on kinetic energy (the energy of movment) & therefore does not rely on strength or brute force, making it ideal for men, women & children of all shapes & sizes.


children (5 to 12 year olds) learn the same syllabus as well. Of course, many dangerous moves are not taught in the childrens classes, but they are no less fun and exciting. Older children also gain self-esteem, confidence, learn discipline and increase their martial art skills and knowledge. They also learn vital knowledge to help stop bullying at school and combat stress from exams.


Teenages train along side the adults, benefitting and growing as they do so.
Please see the 'Taekwon-Do' link for more information.


The benefits of young children learning a martial art are important to everyday life. Within the martial arts children develop bundles of self confidence and self-esteem which overflows into all areas of their lives, especially with regards to school work.

It is a proven fact that children who do martial arts achieve better grades at school. Children are already fit, but training in a martial arts helps them retain that fitness, thus keeping them healthy, with activities on the decline in schools, maintaining your childs health is an important issue. It gives children something to be proud of because it is something they achieve themselves, thus increasing self-esteem. Children learn discipline, they learn respect for themselves and their seniors, an ever-losing facet of todays society.
Children at Harrow Martial Arts have fun in classes, but they are not play school. Children are expected to behave and are guided towards the mental discipline that older martial artists have naturally, so they develop their minds as well as their bodies and martial art skills.


Although we have seperate children and adult classes, we also understand that youngsters enjoy training with their parents. In fact, we have a number of parents who also train. With this in mind, both Monday and Saturday classes enable both children and their parents to train together, which they all (both parents and children) find great fun.

We also have many brothers and sisters that train together as well.

When the time is right youngesters progress into the normal class with exactly the same knowledge as older students of equal grade.

Private tuition is also available for children.

We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.