Harrow Martial Arts are able to offer private tuition in self defence, fitness or traditional training. Our private courses are ideal for those without the time to attend regular classes, or perhaps are too shy to start straight off in regular classes, or those that want a kick start in the traditional arts. Maybe you just want some fitness training or self defence work. We are able to travel to you and cater courses specifically to you needs. Private tuition is available for everyone, adult or child, both male and female.

Private Tuition suits many people like:

  • Those whose work or family commitments stops them attending a regular class.
  • Those who feel a little insecure at first stepping into a regular class, private tuition gives them a head start.
  • Regular students who may want some extra help on certain aspects.
  • Students of Taekwon-do preparing for their black belt exams
  • Parents who would like the best private tuition for their children.
  • Those who want to learn self defence in private
  • Those who want to get fit, away from the usual class
  • And an myriad of other reasons.

But there are no real reasons why you shouldn't learn martial arts, learn self defence or get fit if you really want to!

And Harrow Martial Arts gives you the ways and means to do so. Our instructors are qualified to cater to your needs and cater sessions and courses so you gain the maximum benefits. The Chief Instructor, Stuart Anslow is a World Gold and Silver Medalist and has trained his students to World Medal status as well. His martial arts, self defence and fitness training are second to none.

Our private tuition and personal training is indeed just that. Unlike many gyms who claim to issue the same but really only write out a training schedule on your first class then leave you to it, our instructors come to you every session and thus can swiftly change things according to your needs at the time. We also provide the equipment needed, so all you need is some work out gear.

Private Martial Arts tuition can cover all areas, from pattern perfection and understanding them indepth, to sparring for competition, to defining the basics, to utilizing everything as a complete package.

Private Self Defence tuition can take you step by step through what is required to really protect yourself, to avoid trouble and how to act decievely if the worst should happen.

Private Self Fitness tuition can show you the way to a fitter, healthier you. Our training can cater to the specific areas you want like toning up, losing weight, creating more power, increasing cardio performance or flexibility or simply overall fitness work.

We won't fob you off with how great you are doing when you really are not. We will tell you exactly how it is, and also not only tell you, but show you and encourage you the way to get where you want to be. Private tuition can take the form of a one on one session, they can be on a weekly time slot, or various time slots throughout the week or month (whatever is better for you) or they can be one offs. We will also consider two, small groups or families .

Private tuition is available for men, women and children in all the areas Harrow Martial Arts offers.

We do not rise to the level of our expectations.
We fall to the level of our training.