All aspects of Harrow Martial Arts are taught by real martial artists, in a professional manner, who have a consummate passion for both real martial arts and teaching. Whether you choose traditional martial arts training, fitness or self defence through classes, corporate or private tuition, rest assured you are in safe hands as you are our number one priority. We understand that courage doesn't always roar, Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the night saying, "I will try again tomorrow.". Students development always comes first. Experienced instructors, with many years experience in teaching, provide the basis for your personal development. They help define your goals and then achieve them. They are with you every step of the way, as they simply want you to achieve, whatever it is you set out to do.

With our help you will become fitter, you will be able to protect yourself, you will get that black belt, in fact between us, you will get whatever it is you set out to get.

Harrow Martial Arts Chief Instructor is Stuart Anslow. Having practiced the martial arts for some 15 years, Stuart holds a third degree black belt in Taekwon-do, a Korean form of unarmed combat taught to the Korean army and has a direct lineage to the founder, General Hong, Hi Choi.
During his martial arts career, Stuart has won many accolades in the sporting arena, including national & world titles. His Academy is one of the most successful in the country winning numerous gold medals at every martial arts championship his students enter.
In 2000, Stuart won a gold & silver medal at the AIMAA World Championships held in Dublin, Ireland.
In 2002, Stuart founded the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools (IAOMAS) which drew martial artists from around the world together, growing from a few schools to over 400 in under a year. This non-profit organization is an online student support group that allows traveling students the ability to train at over 600 affiliated schools worldwide.

Over the years Stuart has written numerous articles for the martial arts press on many related subjects of martial arts from training to motivation, and continues to do so. Stuart is the martial arts instructor for the John Lyon private school, which is the first school in the country to teach martial arts as part of its national curriculum.

In 2002, Stuart received an award from the Hikaru Ryu Dojo, a martial arts academy in Australia, presented by their Instructor and fellow IAOMAS member Colin Wee when he visited Stuarts Academy here in the UK. In recognizing Stuart's contribution, Colin stated that "nothing to date has been so foresighted and effective as Stuart's work in establishing this worldwide online community."

In October 2002, Stuart was inducted into Combat Magazines 'Hall Of Fame 2003' for his work within the field of martial arts on a world level. Combat magazine is the UK & Europe's biggest martial arts publication.

In June 2004 he was selected as the Assistant Coach for the Harrow Borough team, to compete at the prestigous London Youth Games held at Crystal Palace.

In 2004 Stuart also recieved various Honoury awards for his work in the International field of martial arts. From the USA he received a 'Yap Suk Dai Ji Discipleship' award for his innovative work within IAOMAS and 'T'ang Shou` society award for promoting martial arts on a Worldwide scale.

Stuart is well known not only in the UK, but internationally as well. He holds certificates in not only Taekwon-do, but also Sports coaching and as all classes at Harrow Martial Arts have been devised by Stuart personally, you know you are in safe hands.

So why not give it a go?

If you never try to fly, youíll never know what itís like to soar.