Traditional Martial Arts offer not only self defence, fitness, discipline and self confidence, but so much more. You really have to feel it yourself to believe it. Traditional training extends the boundaries of everyday life and creates an invincible mindset in whatever task you need to accomplish. Harrow Martial Arts offers regular classes at the world renowned Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy, whose Chief Instructor is a World Gold and Silver. Medalist, Combat ‘Hall of Fame’ awardee, and founder of the International Alliance of Martial Art Schools, with many years experience in Taekwon-do, a traditional Korean Martial Art.

Harrow Martial Arts offers full training in Traditional Martial Arts through Rayners Llane Taekwon-do Academy, which has been established since April 1999 and is now one of the most recognised schools in the country.

It is an independant school of Taekwon-do that adheres to the original I.T.F. syllabus of Taekwon-do. This syllabus has been expanded in order to develop students capabilities in all ranges of self defence, in order to make each student as capable as possible in all areas once they obtain their 1st degree black belts.The academy teaches all the major aspects of Taekwon-do as taught in the large federations, patterns, sparring destruction, but we also teach areas that are sadly neglected in some schools. These areas include pattern interpretation (patterns contain strikes, locks, throws pressure point techniques), pattern application (teaching the correct methods of applying the techniques found within the patterns) street smart self defence, although I see Taekwon-do as an art of self defence I dislike the fact that people refer to specific parts as self defence rather than Taekwon-do as a whole.The path from 10th kup (white belt) to 1st degree (black belt) will see the students become capable in all ranges of fighting.From kicking punching, to sweeping throwing, to wrist, arm leg locks, to chokes, strangles verticle grappling, to throwing techniques (although not part of the original syllabus) ground fighting techniques. This is coupled with a comprehensive self protection syllabus, that runs along side the main grading syllabus.

We hold classes in traditional martial arts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, for all ages and for all levels from complete beginner to black belt.

A student of the Academy has the following benefits:

  • Full training by an experienced instructor up to beyond the coverted black belt
  • Instruction in all areas of Taekwon-do more
  • Recognition by the largest multistyles martial arts organisation in the UK, the CMAA
  • Free membership into the International Alliance Of Martial Art Schools (Worldwide training)
  • Coloured belt gradings under a board of qualified black belt examiners
  • Black belt gradings under an independant board of examiners
  • Access to courses, either through the Academy or through the CMAA
  • Access to pure Taekwon-do competitions
  • Comprehensive coaching on the sporting element of Taekwon-do experienced competitors including World Championship medallists
  • A full self protection syllabus
  • 3 Training session available per week catering for all ages all experience from beginner to black belt above
  • A fully equipped dojang with plenty of mats, focus pads, kick shields, floppy targets, hogu`s, skipping ropes etc...
  • FREE Training anywhere in the world via the International Alliance of Martial Arts Schools
  • Covering all areas of Taekwon-do (Patterns, Sparring, Destruction, Self Defence, Locks, Chokes, Throws, Grappling, Pressure Points, Groundwork).
  • Plus Martial Spirit other mental disciplines.

Since the Academys humble beginnings in April 1999 a lot of things have happened. Students have continually entered competitions and brought home gold, silver bronze medals in all areas of Taekwon-do, earning the nickname "Rayners Lane Tigers" (after the famous Korean Infantry Division).In 2000 the Academy celebrated its 1st Anniversary with two demonstrations (one by students one by instructors) which was critically acclaimed by all who saw it, as one of the best Taekwon-do demonstrations they have ever seen. Details of the which can be found in the reports section of the Academys web site ( September 2000, the Instructor took four students to the "1st Open World Martial Arts Championships" that were Rhosted by renowned Taekwon-do Grandmaster, Hee Il Cho. Not only did the students experience competition at a world class level, but they also brought back a gold, 2 silvers and a bronze medal.

In 2001 the Academy is hosting its first tournament called "Taekwon-do Explosion 2001" to celebrate its 2nd Anniversary. This tournament included patterns, continuous sparring, black belt points sparring, a special technical destruction division, all of which is different from the usual Taekwon-do tournaments held in the UK.

In September 2002, the Academies instructors founded the International Alliance Of Martial Art Schools, a free, world wide collaberation of martial arts schools that allow students from any member school to train, free of charge, at their schools, clubs academies in a multitude of countries around the globe, a truely unique thing.

In 2004 the Academy once again took part in the World Championships (held every 4 years) and seven students of the Academy became world champions in their own right, two became double world gold medalists and many other students from the Academy placed in silver & gold medal positions. This success continues in virtually every competition the Academies students enter.

In 2006 the Chief Instructor release a book on Taekwon-do that was very well received by the Taekwon-do population world one, with many readers citing the book as the most important book on Taekwon-do to be released since the founder of the art own book, a tribute and accolade indeed.

The Academy has been running a good few years now and those that were there early on are coming up the ranks, many gain black belts and others close to taking their black belt gradings. Their skills in Taekwon-do are very visible as senior students are fluent in not just kicking and striking, but also, throwing, choking, sweeping, takedown and locking techniques as well.

Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy and its students features in numerous Martial Arts magazines. Consistant standards, consistant results, and consistantly happy & accomplished students, togethor with top class instructors make Rayners Lane Taekwon-do Academy what it is.

The Academy aims to produce competent martial artists, in both the mental physical aspects of the martial arts, regardless of age, race, sex, creed or colour. As the instructor it is my responsibility to give each student the best training we can offer.

Taekwon-do can influence people on many levels, but if all you want to learn is how to punch kick your friends, there are other, less in-depth sports you could do. Taekwon-do is an art, a sport, a science eventually becomes a way of life. It is my sincere hope that through teaching Taekwon-do I can bring out the good qualities of each individual student that may never have been allowed to shine. For example honesty, courtesy, , integrity, respect, honour, confidence plus a whole lot more. Hopefully, through training in Taekwon-do, each person may realise reach their true potential in life. For the student who wants to learn puts in the efforts, the rewards are plentiful limitless. Remember, you only get out what you put in !

New students often enjoy the physical aspects of Taekwon-do as they mature come to understand the mental aspects as well, which serve them well in life.

Swift as the Wind, Quiet as the Forest, Fierce as Fire, Immovable as a Mountain